Day 2: Chicken for Breakfast

Overland miles: 0  Tacocount: 0  Days without Tea: 0

Well I´m not going to start on Day 1 am I? Unless of course you really want a blow by blow account of our ´3 course´ meal on flight NZ001 to Los Angeles – and I didn´t take a picture of that. It seemed waay to desperate. Look, he´s blogging about plane food! That´s so 2012 darlink.


Los Angeles’ second most famous hill sign

Na-ah. We start at the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City, all over Day 2 like maple syrup on waffles. Which, incidentally, is what I had for breakast. Waffles, maple syrup, cream and butter (which looked like cream).  Oh, and chicken. Yeah, you don’t eat chicken for breakast very often do you? Well, not unless you´re feasting off the cold, dismembered remains of a Bargain Bucket purchased at KFC at 1 am that morning, and then it´s not really breakfast, more the unfocused grazings of the waking dead. So yeah: chicken n waffles. We just took things to a whole new level. Wanna see?

Chicken and waffles at Cafe Creole

Chicken n waffles: a righteous breakfast

I first got to know of this Southern classic from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, on the Food Network, hosted by the indominatable Guy Fieri and his awesomely misplaced sunglasses, and had been on the hunt for it ever since. So when I found that it was on Cafe Creole´s menu at the Westfield Mall five minutes from where we were staying, it had to be done.

It is a truly decadent dish, and no mistake. I mean, four chicken wings spreadeagled on a fluffy pillow of deliciousness, smothered sensuously in lashings of  cream and creamy butter and drizzled with a gallon of glistening maple syrup? That´s so wrong it´s righteous. I went a  little off-menu and added hot sauce to the chicken. That was just wrong.

I don´t think Cafe Creole quite hit the mark with this version of the dish;  for a start, the wings weren´t super meaty as though harvested from the pumped up WWF chickens that we imagine Americans always consume. And it never feels quite right eating breakfast from a styrofoam container. But as an introduction to bad-ass breakfast on the go, Southern California style, I ain´t complaining.

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