Day 17: Creel

Overland miles: 1498 Tacocount: 43 Days without Tea: 0 (Clare)

 Creel proved to be a welcome break en route to Chihuahua and we took the opportunity to do a day trip during our stop over.   We’re not normally keen on being ferried around to look at different sites that tourists are meant to be interested in but we thought as we only had one day for exploring, that we’d make an exception. So we joined up with two Americans we’d met and the four of us, plus a Mexican couple went on a tour of the local nature reserves with a guide called Jesus. Unfortunately he wasn’t turning water into wine on this trip but he did speak in very slow Spanish (probably painfully slowly as far as our Mexican companions were concerned) so we could understand most of what he was saying, and he was happy to speak in English for anything more complicated. On our itinerary were three valleys, named after the unusual rock formations found there so we saw rocks shaped like frogs, mushrooms and monks. There was also the option to see a rock shaped like an elephant but everyone declined that one as we’d kinda had our fill of curiously shaped stone by that point. We also had the opportunity to see the Raramuri, previously known as the Tarahumara: the indigenous Indians that live in this area of Mexico who are famous for being able to run incredibly long distances, sometimes running for as long as 20 hours. Our guide told us that they are quite a solitary people, preferring to stick to small family groups to avoid jealousy and gossip. We got the feeling we saw the tourist version of their lives as we were shown round a cave where one family lived then the children proffered lots of handicrafts for sale at equally tourist prices. While pretty, we’re determined not to come home laden with tat so we came home empty handed. Here are a few pictures of the day:

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  1. Hey guys, great blog, thank you for keeping us posted on your adventures. Love it! Enjoy Mexicooo

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