The Prawns are on Holiday

Hello you lovely lot, and sincere apologies for the lack of updates from this blog. Having had a busy few days wrapping up the first part of our journey in Panama City, we set sail for South America five days ago from Puerto Lindo, Panama, via the San Blas Islands. We arrived after 36 hours on the high seas in the port of Cartagena, Columbia this morning, with no internet access in between. To be honest, most of the journey we couldn´t even think about writing posts.

But we will rectify this situation, and once we have got our bearings in this thrilling new continent, we will catch you up with the story so far in the coming days. For now, please have a wonderful Wednesday, and as a small thank you for making it over here during our holiday, please head on over to one of our favourite travel blogs,, where our guest post has just been published. See you soon!

2 responses to “The Prawns are on Holiday

    • Hi Jonelle, glad you appreciated the sillier side of trying to stay sane without the www, and thanks very much for your kind links to Prawns for Breakfast and No Kids, No Mortgage on your site. Have a safe onward journey yourself, and keep spreading the learning 🙂

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