Day 157: Quito Snapshot

Overland miles: 7155 Bus hours: 233.5 Empanadar: 20

Ecuador, like El Salvador, was a country not originally on our hit list, but when we realised that Colombia’s land border with Peru was not just a simple trek between two immigration posts, rather a combination of flights and slow boats deep in the Amazon, we opted for the simpler route. Another factor in our decision was that we’d heard that Ecaudor’s capital had a reputation as a cheap place to study Spanish and we figured a week’s worth of top up lessons would be a valuable way to spend our time en route to Peru.

Our time in Ecuador was limited to a week’s stay in Quito, most of which was spent trying to fathom the difference between direct and indirect objects in our Spanish lessons and avoid being mugged on Quito’s buses (we felt pretty safe but maybe that’s because everybody you meet insists on reminding you how rampant the petty crime is here so we kept our bags glued to our sides). In between studying, we did manage to tick off some tourist hot spots, including our first trip to a presidential palace, and a steep climb to the top of a basilica, so for your viewing pleasure, here’s a few pictorial highlights of our stay…

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